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Linguistics Minor

Students at TCNJ may also pursue a Linguistics Minor (LINM) through the Department of World Languages and Cultures. Dr. Felicia Jean Steele ( of English and Dr. Regina Morin ( of the Department of World Languages and Cultures are faculty advisers.

When completing a Linguistics Minor Form please deliver it to the office of World Languages in Bliss Hall 328 for approval signatures prior to submitting to Records and Registrations.


Linguistics Minor Requirements

1 course in Linguistic Theory from among the following:

  • LNG 201/Introduction to the English Language,
  • SPA 350/Introduction to Spanish Linguistics or
  • SLP 102/Language, Speech and Communication Development in Children;

1 course in Linguistic History from among the following:

  • SPA 372/History of the Spanish Language
  • LNG 202/Structure and History of the English Language or
  • WLC 321/Introduction to Historical Linguistics;

3 of the following Options courses, of which at least two must be at the 300 level:

  • DHH 303/Language Development in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals,
  • JPN 370/Topics in Japanese (when the title is Introduction to Japanese Linguistics),
  • LIT 391, SPA 391, or other appropriate Independent Study,
  • LNG 311/Contemporary English Grammar,
  • LNG 371/American English Dialects,
  • LNG 372/World Englishes,
  • WLC 220/Introduction to Romantic Linguistics,
  • WLC 371/Topics (when the title is Gender and Language in Global Perspectives)
  • WLC 390/Second Language Acquisition and Related Methodologies,
  • PHL 421/Philosophy of Language,
  • SPA 215/Spanish Phonetics,
  • SPA 301/Advanced Spanish Grammar,
  • SPA 373/Introduction to Hispanic Bilingualism in the United States,
  • SLP 305/Acoustic Phonetics,
  • SLP 307/Communication Disorders: Nature, Diagnosis and Treatment,
  • SLP 308/Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism,
  • WLC 215/Introduction to Linguistics

Students must meet or exceed the foreign language requirement for Liberal Learning.