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Honors Projects

The Honors Project:

For most students the Honors Project will be a multi-chapter critical thesis. The thesis is expected to be a major project that makes an original critical argument, includes a review of relevant scholarship, and is firmly grounded in the appropriate theoretical frameworks.   For more info on the guidelines and submission process please Click Here for Honors Project Information.


Past Projects:


Student Title Faculty



Courtney Kalafsky (Highest Honors) Authenticity and Witnessing in Postmemorial Holocaust Literature  Friedman
Richard Petruccelli Queering Our Curriculum: Approaching LGBTQ Themes in School-Aged Literature  Meixner



Alissa Cappelleri Motivated and Meaningful Reading: Linguistic Identity, Cultural Capital, and Educational Expecttations  Steele



Neepam Shah (Highest Honors) The Political and the Personal: Religious and Emotional Negotiations in Post-9/11 South Asian-American Literature McMann
Steven Thompson (High Honors) One Eye Open: Pre- and Processions of Simulacra and Surveillance in Modern Dystopian Literature Robertson




Jennifer Doughan (Honors) Modern Sensibilities and Textual Sensitivities: Peter Pan and the Twenty-First Century McCauley
Eowyn Winchester (Honors) Compulsory Heterosexuality Across Women’s Retellings of “Beauty and the Beast”: Exploring Iterations by Madame Beaumont, Angela Carter, and Emma Donoghue Carney




Casey Coley (Honors) Contemporary Appropriations of the Fairy Tale: The Post-Angela Carter Generation Carney
Brian Hartt (High Honors) Men Playing Man: Reconfiguring Fragmented Masculinity in Postmodern American Fiction Robertson
Tiffany Teng (Honors) Reconfiguring Eco-Poetics of Waste and Toxicity in Beat Literature Mi




Kristen Comerford (Honors) Coleridge’s Psychological Curiosity: A Romantic and Psychoanalytic Approach to “Kubla Khan” Venturo
Justin Mancini (Honors) “These Bloody Irishmen”: Deconstruction of Masculine Identities in the  Work of Martin McDonagh Konkle
Rebecca McNulty (Honors) Self-Aware Narration and Symbols of Mythology in Robert Coover’s Short Fiction Blake




Nicole Freeto (High Honors) Gender Performativity and Euripidean Drama: The Manipulation of Gender Roles in the Alcestis, the Hippolytus, and the Bacchae G. Steinberg
Adam Engel (Highest Honors) Poetic Pilgrimages to the Creative Word: Experiencing Reality through the Poetry of T. S. Eliot and Wallace Stevens Venturo
Bess Myers (Honors) The Iliads of Chapman and Pope: The Trials of Translation in the Invocation of the Muse, Achilles’ Reaction to Patroclus’ Death, and Achilles’ Pursuit of Hector Venturo
Jason Toncic (High Honors) Invisible Atom Bombs: Spectrality and Testimonial Potency of the Atomic Bomb in Hibakusha and Post- Hibakusha Narrative Mi 



Sam Bednarchik (Honors) The Secular and the Sacred in the Language of Love: The Presence of John Calvin and Bernard de Clarivaux in the Union Theology of John Donne Graham
Susan Pedersen (High Honors) Text Machines and Talking Houses: Gulliver’s Travels and the Fallen Word Venturo
Jenna Geiger (High Honors) “She’s an Honour to Her Sex!” The Domestic Criminal in Dickens McCauley
Matthew Pihokker (Honors) A New Reading of Apuleius’ The Metamorphoses : Creation of the Novelistic Steinberg



Trista Alstadt (Honors) The Pilgrim’s Purpose: Allegorical Intention in John Bunyan’s  The Pilgrim’s Progress and The Life and Death of Mr. Badman Venturo
Lindsey Warren (High Honors) Engendering the Long Form in William Carlos Williams Bennett



Meghan Linck (High Honors) Christianizing Catharsis: Milton, Morality, and the Classical Tradition Venturo
Gina Vanuzzi (Honors) Behind the Curtain: An Exploration of Theatre and Race Theory Kendrix- Williams
Lindsay Knight (High Honors) The Old English Orosius as Original Anglo-Saxon Prose Steele
Stephanie Busalacchi (High Honors) Passing the Torch: Understanding John Dryden’s Imitations Venturo
Laura DeSciolo (Honors) Jonathon Swift: Theory of Language and Behavior Venturo



Courtney Rydel (High Honors) Lost In Translation: Mechtild of Hackeborn and The Booke Of Gostlye Grace Steele
Anthony Milici (Honors) “More Myself Then I Am”:  The Homoincestuous in Literature Biggs
Nicole Kukawski (High Honors) The Pedagogue as Poet: Walt Whitman and The American Education System Blake



Christopher Vona (Honors) “’Tis as Good as a Lord!’” –Masculine Identity and Social Morality of The Novels of Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Mansfield Park. D. Steinberg
Matt Miller (High Honors) The Blake Legend: A Brief History of the Creation of An Artist Venturo
Andrew Sarrol (Honors) From Self-Annihilation to Identity: A Lacanian Analysis of Blake’s Milton Venturo