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Course Approvals

When submitting a course to the English Department curriculum committee, please make sure to follow the format provided by the Humanities and Social Sciences curriculum committee (and, if relevant, the Liberal Learning Program Council) and to include the relevant learning goals of the English Department in your course proposal. The sample syllabus should demonstrate how the course will meet these learning goals.

In addition, please address the following questions, either in person when we invite you to accompany your course proposal to the committee meeting, or in writing if you are unable to come:

1. Who is the target audience for the course? If there are multiple target audiences, how many of each type of student do you anticipate will enroll in the course?
2. How often will the course be taught, and by whom?
3. If the course is proposed for cross-listing, how will it balance the learning goals of the different programs?

The proposal should be submitted through the associate chair, who chairs the department curriculum committee.

All changes to existing courses — including but not limited to title changes, course description changes, and changes to Liberal Learning designations — must receive approval through submission to the departmental curriculum committee, circulation among the faculty of the department for comment, and, at the curriculum committee’s discretion, a subsequent vote of the department. The departmental curriculum committee is responsible for considering how proposed changes may affect department faculty, English majors and other students, other departments or programs, and the agreement between the two-year and four-year public schools of New Jersey.