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Program Standards

Program Entrance, Retention, and Exit Standards

Every major program at the College has set standards for allowing students to remain in that program, to transfer within the College from one program to another, and to graduate from a program. The following are the standards for English programs. Minimum grades are noted in parentheses.

Students wishing to transfer into any English Department program from another program should consult the department website for more information about the application process.

  • Retention in the program is based on the following performance standard in two critical content courses: LIT 101 (previously 202)/Cultures and Canons (C) LIT 102 (previously 201)/Approaches to Literature (C); .

These two critical content courses should be completed satisfactorily before the junior year.  Transfer students should complete them as soon as possible.

  • Graduation requirements: all courses for the English major (C-).