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Procedure for Completing Internship Forms

All English Department internships must involve writing. Interns must have a supervisor at the
organization where interning and a TCNJ faculty supervisor.

All internships must be approved in advance and the work of the internship must be completed during
the time enrolled for academic credit. In other words, a student must be enrolled over the summer for a
summer internship, in the fall for a fall internship. In no circumstances will you be able to receive
academic credit for an internship after the fact. You need not apply to receive academic credit to
complete an internship and are encouraged to pursue them whether or not they are part of your
curriculum. If you do want to receive academic credit for an internship in public service or social justice,
but you have financial need that may prevent you from doing an unpaid internship, please apply for the
HSS Unpaid Internship Scholarship.

Students must have completed three units at The College of New Jersey. They must have a 2.0 or better.
Students may only complete three units of overall 32 units “Internships.” Internship credit counts
toward the free electives in your program or in a minor or second major requiring an internship
experience for completion.

Steps for Completing an Internship:

1) Secure an internship! The associate chair (Dr. Felicia Steele, can advise you if you do
not know where to start, but the best place to begin is with the TCNJ Career Center and the Handshake
system: The HSS site about internships has a list of places
where previous students have completed internships:

2) Work with Dr. Steele to develop an internship course proposal or help you to identify a faculty
supervisor who can advise you in developing this course proposal. The proposal must include the
following information:

  •  the term or semester you wish to complete the internship and the internship number
    you wish to use (CWR 399 for creative writing, LIT 399 for all other internships).
  •  the contact information for the entity that you are interning with, the number of hours
    per week that you are spending at the internship, and the number of weeks you will be
    working in the internship. College policy stipulates that students must complete “45 on-
    the-job hours per quarter course unit of credit;” Credit for one unit of internship credit
    would correspond to 180 total hours on-the-job.
  •  exactly what on-the-job activities are required of you through the internship as well as
    what additional activities are required by your supervisor and how these activities relate
    to the English program’s learning goals and objectives.
  •  the learning goals and objectives that your internship will address. Typically, internships
    allow students to fulfill institutional learning goals and objectives related to the
    Humanities and Social Sciences. Some internships in publishing may speak directly to
    the learning goals for English. For ease of reference, the HSS learning goals are provided

    1. Written Communication
    2. Oral Communication
    3. Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning
    4. Technological Competence
    5. Critical Analysis and Reasoning
    6. Information Literacy
    7. HSS Goal: Interpret language and symbol
    8. HSS Goal: Intercultural Competence
    9. HSS Goal: Respect for Diversity
    10. HSS Goal: Ethical Reasoning and Compassion
    11. HSS Goal: Preparation to Participate in Civic Life

  •  the methods of evaluating the internship that your faculty advisor will use. Your faculty
    supervisor will ask you to maintain a journal or other written record of your work that
    will accompany a portfolio of writing that you do on-the-job. If you are working for a
    firm protected by work product confidentiality (for example, a law office), you may not
    be able to share the work product that you create there, so you may be asked to
    compose models of the types of writing that you learned to do for that firm.

3) Once you have completed the proposal, you should send it to both the faculty supervisor and the
associate chair. Both will respond with approval in an email chain which will be converted to a PDF file
that needs to be uploaded with the proposal in the HSS Forms system:

If you will be enrolled for more than 4.5 units including the internship for the semester, you must secure
permission to overload: