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Procedure for Completing Internship Forms

All English Department internships must involve writing.  Interns must be supervised and mentored, preferably in person.

All internships must be approved in advance. In no circumstances will you be able to receive academic credit for an internship after the fact.

Will you have junior status and do you have a 2.5 GPA or higher? If you have retaken a course for a higher grade, after the grade is posted you must complete the Repeat of Course Notification Form or Records & Registration will not recalculate your GPA. If your GPA is still too low or you are a sophomore, you may still fill out all the paperwork, but you must explain (in person) to the associate chair why you think you are capable of completing the internship and other coursework successfully despite not meeting the minimum GPA requirement.  If your application is denied by the assistant dean, you have the right to appeal later.

You cannot register for an internship using PAWS. You will need either 2 or 3 paper forms available in the English Department Office and on the department website:

  1. Internship Enrollment Form
  2. Proposal for Internship form obtained from the English Department Office, filled out in consultation with your faculty supervisor.
  3. Will you be enrolled in more than 4 ½ courses –including the internship—for the semester? If so, you must have a 3.3 GPA or higher, and fill out a Request for Increase in Maximum Unit/Credit Load form. Other than semesters when you are taking intensive language courses, you will be approved for overload only once during your undergraduate program. You must write your entire schedule, including the internship, on the form; you must attach a brief explanation of the overload request.    

You will need the following information for the forms:

What is your internship course number? CWR or LIT 399 for a creative writing or literature internship. Neither counts as an English elective.

How many credits/units is your internship? To receive four credits (one unit), an internship must involve approximately 200 hours of work (about two full days per week for a full semester), done for an off-campus employer related to the field of your internship. 


  1. Contact Dr. Carney to be assigned a faculty supervisor.
  2. Meet in person with your faculty supervisor to fill out the Internship Enrollment and Proposal for Internship forms.
  3. Meet in person with the associate department chair to have all the forms signed.
  4. The next step is the Office of the Dean of your primary major. (If you have a double major, look in PAWS to see which advisor is listed first: that is your primary major.)  For Humanities and Social Sciences, see the assistant dean in person for approval of overload, if applicable; then leave all the forms with the dean’s program assistant.  The forms are due to Records & Registration by the last day of drop/add, although an exception can be made for internship offer that you receive late.