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Adding or Removing a Minor


The English minor is designed to offer students an opportunity to explore literature written in English (including translations from other languages). It’s easy to complete a minor in English. 

Step One: 

Contact the Associate Chair for assistance in registering for ONE of the three critical content courses: LIT 200/Introduction to Poetry OR LIT 201/Approaches to Literature OR LIT 202/Cultures and Canons. (While you are talking to the Associate Chair, fill out the form to add the minor.)

Step Two:

Choose any four courses with the prefixes LIT (literature), LNG (language/linguistics), or CWR (creative writing). A course cross-listed with any of these courses will count as well. By TCNJ policy, two of these courses must be at the 300 level or above. 


TCNJ policy states: Only one course unit, either required or elective, may be used to satisfy requiremntes for both a major field and a minor field. Three of the courses for a minor must be completed at TCNJ.