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Spring 2021 LIT 270-01

LIT 270-01 Topics in Literature: Cyberpunk Film and Literature
Professor Jia-Yan Mi
Thursday 3:30-6:20pm

The advent of cyberspace, virtuality and information technology has dramatically redrawn the boundary of the body, self-subjectivity and social space. Since the late 1970s “Cyberpunk,” a new wave in science fiction, has emerged as a response to the complexity of this boundary-crossing technoculture. This course offers a critical study of the interface between human body and technoscience in contemporary cyberpunk film and literature. By contextualizing the genre in relation to postmodern narratives, cybernetic revolution and global cultural politics, we will focus on how the emerging culture of cyberspace questions traditional perception of human and artificial life and how it shapes human identity and subjectivity. This course will prompt us to engage with current debates about life forms, gender, role of technology and environmentalism. We will read major works by Philip Dick, William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Pat Cadigan, Rudy Rucker, Neal Stephenson, Haruki Murakami together with some masterpiece cyberpunk films.