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Advising Newsletter for Spring 2022 Courses


As always, we urge you to please see your advisor prior to registration. It is important that you receive appropriate advice and that we keep your records updated. Faculty will be contacting you by e-mail. Be sure to sign up!

Registration for the Spring 2022 semester begins Tuesday, November 2, 2021 and runs through Friday, November 12, 2021. Please check your PAWS account to determine when you are eligible to register.

Your advisor should be listed on your PAWS account. If you can’t find your advisor on PAWS, please inquire with the English Department program assistant at If you have any questions that your advisor cannot answer, contact Professor Diane Steinberg (Interim Associate Chair) at If you are a graduate student, contact your advisor, Dr. Jo Carney at, with any questions.

As usual, English Department courses are listed under several different headings in PAWS. LIT courses can predictably be found under “Literature.” However, be aware that you will find LNG courses under “English Language,” EED courses under “English Education,” and ENGL graduate courses under “English.” The prefix for Creative Writing is CWR, and those courses will be found under “Creative Writing.”

Each student is required to complete a minimum of 11 English courses, including 5 at the 300- or 400- level. By departmental permission, one capstone (LIT 499) may be replaced by Honors Thesis or by LIT 492 Seminar in Critical Theory; see Professor Diane Steinberg for more information.

Please see the Advising Policy for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at:


Prior to meeting with your advisor:

  1. Review the English Department Advising Syllabus at:
  2. Review the requirements for your program and create or revise your 4-year plan.
  3. Check the courses offered.
  4. Devise a tentative schedule for the Fall including back-up courses in case your preferred choices are filled. Put desired courses in your PAWS shopping cart.
  5. Bring your 4-year plan to your advisement appointment.
  6. Show up for your appointment and show up on time! Your advisors make extra time in their very busy schedules to meet with you; once you have signed up, honor your commitment. In an emergency, contact your advisor to reschedule.


Are you thinking about the MA in English?

Students in both the English Liberal Arts and the English Secondary Education major can consider the 5-year BA/MA in English program that can include certification in Secondary English. The English MA program courses meet in the evening, so graduate students can work on their degrees part time. Students with junior standing and permission from the Coordinator of the English Graduate Program may take a graduate level course for undergraduate credit.

Summer 2022 graduate level courses in English will be offered. Course descriptions and times are listed in PAWS and on the English Graduate Website at:

*Please note courses are subject to change and the most up to date options for courses will be found in PAWS.

Spring 2022 Course Offerings

Summer 2022 Course Offerings 


*Please note courses are subject to change and the most up to date options for courses will be found in PAWS.