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LNG 371-01 Spring 2021

World Englishes
Professor: Felicia Steele
Monday/Thursday 12:30-1:50pm

From 1945 on, English has been the language of the Post-British-Imperial world, becoming a global language of trade, governance, law, and literature. The course will discuss topics concerning varieties of English, from the standardization of English in Britain and North America to the emergence of English-based creoles in Asia and the Pacific. The course will focus primarily on English as a post-colonial language (particularly in South Asia and the Pacific), discussing the linguistic, social, political, and literary implications of its development. Students will interrogate the notion of a “Standard English” and discuss what workers in the English language (teachers, literary scholars, journalists) need to know about language variation and social stereotypes, language spread, linguistic accessibility, and global literacy. This course will feature a community engaged learning (CEL) component and will collaborate with students in Computer Science as part of the CAB program. Liberal Learning: Global.

This course is part of a project funded by the National Science Foundation (Award # 1914869) to study how to better engage undergraduates from all disciplines in STEM learning. Students enrolled in this course will collaborate with students in the CSC 315 DATABASE SYSTEMS course. To ensure that students in both classes receive the same information, and to facilitate interactions, project-related submissions, feedback, and grading, a separate Canvas course will be set up to combine both classes for the collaborative project. Students in both classes will see the class “CSC 315-L Database Systems” on their course schedules, but this is not a credit-bearing course.