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Winter 2021 Course Offerings

LIT 316-01/WGS 376-01 Global Women Writers
Professor Laura Neuman
Meeting in the Remote Learning Format 5:00-8:15pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday in the Virtual Classroom January 4 to January 22

This course will explore various literatures from around the world, encouraging students to examine the politics of gender, culture, and nation as well as the intersections of those systems of power.  In exploring everything from arranged marriages to women in war, Global Women Writers will provide students – especially those students who have spent much of their lives within the borders of the U.S. – with one of the most challenging and rewarding courses of their college career.  Common themes include feminist politics, post- and neo-colonialisms, reproductive rights, translation, globalization, and activism.


LIT 374-01 American Literature to 1800
Professor: Michele Tarter
Meeting in the Remote Learning Format 10:00am-1:00pm on 1/4, 1/11, 1/22 in the virtual classroom as well as online assignments

There was so much happening in early America, and yet so very few people know about it. In the last few decades, scholars have unearthed tomes of manuscripts dating back to colonial times, and what they’ve found is both fascinating and disturbing. Join us as we look at life and culture in the colonies. We’ll begin with cross-cultural encounters, particularly when the Native American Indians welcomed European explorers and Puritan settlers to what is controversially called “The New World.” We’ll then turn to all forms of dissent literature evolving from this multicultural time period: Indian captivity narratives; witchcraft trial records; slave narratives; Quakers’ travel logs; women’s manuscript diaries and commonplace books; and female seduction novels at the heart of Revolutionary America. This body of material forms the foundation of any study on American culture, thought, and identity formation.

We will utilize many of the newly digitized manuscripts and primary resources from research libraries around the world.

LIT 427-01/WGS 370-01 Major Writers before 1900: Jane Austen’s Novels & 19th Century Women’s Lives
Professor: Diane Steinberg
Meeting in the Remote Learning Format 9:00am-12:15pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday in the Virtual Classroom January 4 to January 22

Long before COVID-19 sent us all to the confinements of home, women around the globe were raised with the expectation of living their lives confined to their homes, and to the tasks of child-rearing, garment making, and food production. We’ll read 4 of Austen’s 6 novels through the lens of the circumscribed women’s lives they portray: Pride and PrejudiceMansfield ParkEmma and Persuasion