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Student Teaching


  • Overall GPA of 2.75
  • Completion of EFN 299 and the Junior Experience
  • Senior enrollment status
  • Completion of all professional courses

You must apply for Student Teaching during the academic year BEFORE you intend to teach.  The Department of Educational Administration and Secondary Education is holding a required meeting on December 3 for those intending to student teach during fall or spring of the next academic year (2004-2005).  Applications are distributed at the meeting.

In the Student Teaching semester, students sign up for two courses:  EED 490 and SED 498.  The two Student Teaching Seminars meet for two hours each, once a week, in alternate weeks.

We strongly recommend that you take ONLY these two courses in the Student Teaching semester.  Student Teaching requires an enormous commitment of energy and time.  If possible, student teachers should not take additional courses or hold a part-time job during the semester.